Remote Controller

32 channel robot servo control board

Item No.: FUT2007

Wiring methods

VCC: Servo power input VCC, can be connected to 4.2V~7.2V power supply, plugged into power supply for the anode, please.
GND: The overall GND of servo controller, can be connected to servo power GND of CPU power GND, plugged into power supply for the cathode, please.
5V: Servo controller CPU power input, Voltage range: 5V - 8.5v.
USB: Servo controller CPU power input and data communication port.
NOTE: 5V interface and USB interface can not access the same time. Only choose one powerd.


Yellow pin:  Servo I/O connected with the entrance, it usual be servo yellow or yellow soil.
White pin:  Servo VCC connected with the entrance, it usual be servo red or dark red.
Black pin:  Servo GND connected with the entrance, it usual be servo brown or black.


Green circle position:  CPU power input of GND for servo motor controller,
Yellow circle position:  CPU power input of VCC for servo motor controller.
Purple circle position:  UART RX port for servo controller,
Orange circle position: UART TX port for servo controller,

P.5 location,use four lines to line the Bluetooth sensor, 5V-VCC, GND-GND, RX-TX, TX-RX. Pairing your phone with a Bluetooth module, and Install app.
Fill in WIFI module settings TCP address can be controlled. 
first time use app must input "RTorbot".


Using the PS 2 wireless remote control receiver and servo motor controller linked  togethertogether.  like P. 6 ,1 -1、2-2、3-3…… , don't forget the handle also need two batteries. PS2 wireless remote control have two mode, mode one is of the servo motorto control controlcontrol (LED LED ON ), mode two is action groups operations (LED OFF)).   At different mode,  the button have different function; but, have some buttons in both modes are same.
Note: After power up, you must pass a“ START ”to start servo. ”

If you want to more date, please contact me. thanks.

Shipping List
1 x Usb Cable
1 x 32 Channel Motor Controller Board